A Name to a Face

There have been many moments over the course of the Worcester Life Stories project when we’ve had cause to smile, perhaps never more so than when we’re able to identify some of the people in our photographs.  This week we had one such moment.  You may recognise this rather atmospheric shot that we have shared previously as part of our quizzes. It shows two young men strolling past the Midland Bank on Broad Street in July 1973, one turning to admire the sports car parked outside.

Broad Street in 1973

We were pleased to be contacted by a local lady, Donna Rice, who had been in to visit the Worcester Life Stories exhibition at Worcester City Museum and had stood and viewed the slide show on display there. Donna told us that she works with a local group and would normally have been doing a photography session with them;  “Believe it or not, when we set out to do photography today we were planning on going to the Cathedral but I noticed your exhibition was on and suggested changing our plans to come see that instead.”  To her surprise, she spotted a familiar face in one of the photographs.  After emailing a copy over so that she could verify with her mum, Donna was able to confirm that the gentleman in the white shirt was her dad!

“Unbelievably, it is indeed my dad. He’s in the white shirt and was 20 at the time. My dad’s name is Tony Smith and at the time of the photo worked at Underwoods Builders Merchants along with the man next to him, whom we believe to be Adrian Skipp. 

Donna shared that her parents were married that same year, the photo having been taken just a few months after their wedding.

“Something led me to the exhibition today. It was definitely fate as yesterday would have been my parents’ 49th wedding anniversary but my dad passed away in 2013. I’m so glad to have seen that photo. My mum was over the moon too.” 

We’re delighted to have been able to share this photo with Donna and her family, and to put a name to the face – what a happy coincidence!

The Worcester Life Stories exhibition runs until March 5th – a few days left to visit! This photograph and many others are on display and will appear on Know Your Place Worcester’s photograph layer soon.

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I was Tony Smiths wife 6 weeks short of our 40th anniversary. We met at Underwoods and he stayed there until 2001 when we moved to Devon. It was a great surprise to see the photo it brought a smile to my face and I thank you for that all the best with your museum.

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